Local Discount Mattresses and Furniture

We are a true local business, we are not a chain. Your money stays in Austin and not transferred to Colorado or New York to help their economy. Our Customers are our Stock Holders, we are not on every corner but offer the same name brands for less money. If you come to the store its likely you will meet the owner and deal directly with him and her.

 The small businesses are getting over ran by the big box companies that charge you more! This industry is unique as if you are able to find a small mattress and furniture store like ours you pay less instead of the high employee count, huge rent, that most stores have that are chains.

 Please think about where you spend your money and where that money is going because it matters. Instead of paying part in a new chandelier for a fat cat in a New York high rise stimulate your local economy with your purchases and keep Austin Weird.


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