How long does it take to get used to your new mattress?

Just received your new mattress? Well how long will it take to get used to it? The company's say about three months but really you should start feeling better withing the week of getting your new mattress in my opinion. Let your body adjust, I kind of think of it as your body was used to being in the same position for years then all of a sudden, everything changes. Your muscles may even be sore but give it time.

 When your in the showroom trying out a mattress, remember those are most likely broken in a bit so the one you get may be a bit firmer than in the showroom. Your new mattress will soften up and adjust to your body and how you sleep.

 I am very excited about what 2018 is bringing into the mattress industry, Sleep GPS, he-he yes, you could track your heart rate, REM, sleep patterns, tossing turning, etc. would be interesting to see how you sleep at night and adjust your day so you get better sleep. Will it work and be beneficial? Time will tell.


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