Lets talk about mattress quality.


 OK, so I know not everyone shops for a mattress everyday. what does a person look for in a mattress when you start your journey? When a person comes into my store I show my products in a price range, I always show the least expensive and how its made first. The first couple are all foam and some have an open coil unit with a foam pad on top. These mattresses are great for the kids or maybe a guest room but around $275 dollars the quality starts to go up. I have one queen set that's a double sided that I like for guest rooms in that price range. To this point the coils are all open with no edge support. When you get past that everything else in the store is foam encased or all foam (memory). The company's that make these put a foam edge support around the side of the coils for stability and support. Coil counts start from the least expensive at around 350 or so and go up to around 500. Feel the sides of the mattress, if you feel springs its a less expensive set.

 After that point you get into the pocketed coils and the counts dramatically go up from there starting from 725 pocketed coils on up to 1000. What is a pocketed coil? It is a spring that is wrapped in fabric and connected by fabric so each spring supports the weight on it individually and it helps with the transfer of motion. Hybrids, there are many different foams to put on top of these coils like memory foam, Soy based Gel foams for cooling, air cool foams, etc. My opinion is these are the best type of mattresses to get, they are name Brands like Serta or Simmons and the price is under 1500 for a queen set. Yes I said it I think you can get a mattress under 2000 that's gonna last just as long as those 8000 sets.

 Memory foam is a bit different as there is no coils in the all foam products. I get the question is it all memory foam throughout the mattress? No, there is a core foam base then depending on how they want it to feel it will have varying layers of memory foam on top. memory foams are coming out with new stuff all the time, I just visited the Serta Plant and saw Titanium memory foam, you could see the shiny metal flakes in the foam, felt great and I will be watching that one, still not sure what to think about it. They also had small pocketed memory coils. They will be in the New Icomforts coming soon, March 2016 I believe. Very interesting to watch and excited to get them in my store.

All in all, find a price range your comfortable with then narrow it down to a good better best then pick from those three that feel best. Make it fun! Even if you have a mattress question and want my opinion please ask, I am here to help.

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